Colorado Cyberbiofoundry


Welcome to the Colorado Biofoundry!

The Colorado Biofoundry is a highly optimized laboratory consisting of physical and computational infrastructure selected to provide reproducible, high-throughput data for customers. The Colorado Biofoundry is capable of completing rapid construction and testing of large datasets whole providing customers with the ability to select the specific services required to meet their needs. The goal of the Colorado Biofoundry is to support research endeavors within the life sciences by addressing and overcoming a shared set of concerns – resources, time, scaleability, and data quality. 

The Colorado Biofoundry operates using the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle which aims to optimize the processes in which large datasets are gathered for better analysis and decision making.   

Design – customers determine the sequence of interest.

Build – Biofoundry completes plasmid assembly, transformation into host cells. 

Test – Biofoundry measures performance through various assays.

Learn – Biofoundry provides data to clients to better drive predictions. 

For more information regarding the Biofoundry services, equipment, rates, and/or how to begin working with us, a list of resources are provided above including a way to contact the foundry with further questions.